The conception of the Fairytale Museum, unique in its kind in Cyprus, stems from the passion and efforts of the owners to create a home of fantastical items and enchanted objects with a mission to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of tales, myths and traditions from Cyprus and all over the world, showcase the universality of tales, connect people and cultures through tales and foster love for reading.




It is a welcoming world of possibilities, with each corner, nook and drawer designed so that each visitor crossing the threshold is immediately transported on a journey of imagination, exploration and learning: doors open into mystical forests, tiny keys unlock trapdoors to secret quests, walls transform into towering books and over the staircase flies a flock of books. The Museum is intended to provide high levels of interactivity for different groups of visitors and their needs: children or adults, family members or co-workers, locals or tourists. It organises activities throughout the year from educational programmes, workshops, seminars and lectures, creative writing courses and book presentations to performances and exhibitions.










Authors: Vicky Balomenou Kakoyianni
Photos: Konstantina Katsari
Investors/owners: Vicky Balomenou Kakoyianni, Photis Kakoyiannis
Year when the project started: 2017
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus