The color line of Swisspearl Reflex façade panels consists of 12 new and slightly shiny color tones. Fiber-cement panels with a reflective coating allows you to design the facade in subtle metallic shades. Swisspearl façade panels combine sustainable functionality, safety and the highest quality. Swisspearl fibe- cement façade panels are designed according to the ventilated façade system. The inner layers provide the building with load-bearing capacity and thermal and sound insulation, while the outer cladding effectively protects the inner composition from rain, wind and snow, giving the building a prestigious look and lasting beauty.

All large-format façade panels have a specially treated surface, impregnated edges and a back protective coating. They are available in a variety of finishes. After trimming all four edges, they can be further cut to the desired sizes. With the Swisspearl portfolio of façade panels, Eternit Slovenija has been present on the Slovenian market and on the markets of SE Europe for more than 20 years. In addition to facade panels, the company also manufactures and sales fiber-cement roofing panels and other fiber- cement products for the garden and interior. The service life, durability and versatility of Swisspearl products depend primarily on the material and its excellent mechanical properties and many years of experience in fiber cement production.


Eternit Slovenija