At the beginning of 2018, KONNTRA started to build its initial shape. Like an experiment, more precisely, a way to answer crucial question – “what if?”, with or without any expectation… This „what if?“ has produced very positive outcome. As a young architectural studio, which in the past year has achieved excellent results in a series of competitions in the field of architecture and design KONNTRA became recognizable through its originality with contemporary, characteristic and colorful expression for manifestation of architectural projects. Architecture that is close to strong personalities, architecture in which you can read thoughts and identity through specific mode of graphic expression.

KONNTRA started with the development of conceptual projects challenging conventional and consolidated practices. The main objective was to explore original paths of thought and develop innovative design tools and methodologies. The desire to prove as a successful team started with the participation on various projects and competitions in the field of architecture. The awards and acknowledgement of their work was a great motive, but also a moment of reality that they are a team of successful young architects. Distance and diversity was a challenge and not an obstacle. It is more challenging to harmonize and create something specific and extraordinary, even though they are living in different countries, raised in different places and have gained work experience in various backgrounds, which gave chance to have different approach to new opportunities.

As a result of enthusiastic work, the first participation project was awarded with 1st place at the International Competition for Architecture and Urban Design of the City Hall building and main public square in Zenica, Bosnia. This gave additional motivation and energy to focus on developing KONNTRA and new projects. Few months later KONNTRA won 1st Place on architecture competition for the project of Economic High School in Vukovar, Croatia and additionally 1st place at competition for Design and Refurbishment of the “Square of Traditional Crafts” in Varaždin, Croatia. Each of projects has a unique and different story behind it.

Thinking about what is next, each day presents a new challenge that they rejoice, and they are open to share creative thoughts in order for KONNTRA to grow.

KONNNTRA are Erik Jurišević from Slovenia, Mirjana Lozanovska and Silvija Shaleva from North Macedonia.


  • 1st place International Competition for Architecture and Urban Design of the City Hall building and main public square in Zenica, Bosnia.
  • 1st place Architecture and urban competition for design and refurbishment of “Square of traditional crafts” in Varaždin, Croatia.
  • 1st place Architecture competition for Secondary school and sports hall in Vukovar, Croatia.
  • 4th place Competition for a kindergarten in Stenjevac in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • selected project Competition architecture proposal for bob and sledge track on Trebevič mountain. Sarajevo, Bosnia.
  • 2019 Invited Exhibitors at the architecture Venice Biennale 2020 as part of the Hungarian pavilion.