Education Campus Aron Menczer, Vienna

The truly unusual appearance of the school is the expression of very open spatial sequences inside, which are fueled by the new pedagogical concepts. In synergy with the realization of many levels layered on top of each other, wide-spreading terraces, positioned differently floor by floor, create a symbol for the amalgamation of indoor and outdoor spaces. Thus, the children and teachers are offered a maximum of free space directly in front of the educational areas. Under the motto flower-shaped point house and terraced wing, the volume becomes a distinctive part of the park landscape and its adjacent urban district. The large memorial and information space in the entrance area honours the young pedagogue and youth worker Aron Menczer, who was murdered under National Socialism. This educational institution is named after him.


Architekt Martin Kohlbauer ZT-GmbH


Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
16.000 m2

Site area
10.167 m2

Rupert Steiner and Daniel Hawelka

Project Partners

Strabag AG, municipial department 10 and 13 and 56

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