EDEN Residences

Sea. Wind. Sun. EDEN Residences was born and shaped by the same elements that carve the Cypriot landscape of Protaras. The perpetual movement of the waves and the inexhaustible energy of the wind are reflected in the slabs of the building, which slide freely and seemingly unbound from the forces of gravity.

The minimalism of the design highlights the construction quality of the project, while the elegant simplicity of the composition brings to the fore the view of Protaras and the sea. The extensive use of glazing allows the view to invade every room, unobstructed and majestic. The naked truth of the materials — the unspoiled concrete — is allowed to be reflected in every aspect of the building. The building itself emanates from unnecessary cladding, from the agony of self-reference and demonstration, and is left to be bathed in the sunlight that embraces and flatters its dynamic form.


ENAprosEKATO – Constanti Architects; Constantinos Constanti, Thrasivoulos Karayiannis, Christina Stavrou

Year of completion

Protaras, Cyprus

Total area
2.010 m2

Creative Photoroom; Maria Eftymiou

Project Partners

G.Kountouris Civil Engineers, Athos Pilavakis Interior

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