Dear BIG SEE friends,

this is no ordinary feel good holiday message – this is serious emergency.

A big earthquake hit Croatia, hardest hit are towns of Petrinja, Sisak and Glina, less than an hour’s drive from the capital Zagreb, and little more from Slovenian border, even less from Bosnia, and still within a day’s trip from Hungary, Italy, Austria and Serbia. In all these countries the quake was felt, too.

In Croatia people died, homes were destroyed and vital services seriously disturbed. Immediately we can help with financial donations: you can explore your local help organizations, or help through the one we are establishing at Zavod Big, bringing together all South East European creative professionals. We are also pledging to donate 10 Euro per every BIG SEE Report 2020 we sell.

We believe, though, that as creative professionals we can and should contribute more! This is an emergency in which our skills may make a difference, unlike in the medical crisis that had to be solved by medical and natural sciences experts.

Reconstruction after an earthquake and disaster relief activities are areas where our problem-solving thinking and creative resources can provide better solutions and efficiency. We can help to build back better, faster and safer.

Furthermore the ideas and projects we develop in response to this tragedy may be useful somewhere else, too. Shortly we at Zavod Big will start planning with our Croatian friends, how our efforts can make the most useful contribution, and we expect to let you know within weeks how to channel our creative energies.

I am sorry to trouble your with this during the holiday down time and when we have all been fed up with the epidemic and its many inconveniences. But so were our Croatian friends, and on top of it they have got the earthquake.

In Slovenia we have a saying: “When you give fast, you give twice!” Thank you, my friends, for sparing a thought, for sparing what you can, and for joining us later when we figure out how our contribution can be the most effective.

I wish you and your loved ones a calm, warm and happy new year.

Zmago Novak, CEO

Bank account for donations – earthquake in Croatia

IBAN: SI56 0204 4025 3297 019
Swift code of Bank: LJBASI2X
Purpose: earthquake