The Month of Design is an annual festival of know-how and creativity in design. It is an original platform for evaluation, promotion and identification of significant achievements in the field of design in the Southeast Europe. With its activities proactively promote the development of creative economy when creating a mental environment for creative and innovative interplay of ideas in creative and entrepreneurial sphere, connecting the creative entities in the new social and business environment and encourages an interdisciplinary, intergenerational and intercultural dialogue.


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12.30–17.00 Design 180˚ (Experts and Winners Stage)
17.00–19.00 Brands on Progress Powered by Design




– 18.00 – 19.00: Award Winners reception
– 19.00 – 20.00: Award Winners’ dinner party
– 20.00 – 22.00:
BigSEE Product and Fashion Design Awards
BigSEE Visionaries Awards
Slovene national Awards and Exhibition Opening




Design Conference: Brands on Progress Powered by Design

Internationally recognised managers, strategists and designers, working for the companies with design-aware culture, are to explore the strategies and concepts of brand development driven by design. They are also supposed to answer various questions such as: »How to combine design and development of new products; How to develop a brand that is different and generates products with high added value; How to create a brand that increases recognisability, demonstrates unique values and wins a client’s trust; How to interact with consumers, and How to sell well-designed products in these times?«

Design 180˚

Winners stage: A series of short lectures by awarded designers presenting their winning projects aimed at confronting critical thinking about quality design, and establishing better quality communication within the profession and in relation to the lay public.
Experts Stage: Experts on new materials and technical solutions and designers / design oriented companies on well designed products.

Award Ceremony

The awards will occure in two parts: for winners on Stage 180˚ during the whole day and for Grand Prix winners on the evening gala event.

Slovenian Design Awards

Since 2003 Month of Design has been recognising designers and architects who have made significant contributions to the development of their professions in Slovenia. Awards such as Design of the year, Interior of the year, Timeless and Young Perspectives highlight the very best; they hold up mirror to the country’s industry and showcase the distinct design talent and ability at work here.

BigSEE Awards

Within the scope of the Design Expo, the awards for excellence in Southeast European  will be granted in the categories of product and fashion design.
In addition BigSEE Visionary Awards will be given to those individuals who enrich and inspire design production, shift the boundaries in design and encourage creative forces in the Southeast Europe.

BigSEE Exhibition

The exhibition in the national pavilions presents award-winning projects in the categories of product design and fashion from Southeast Europe. The exhibition aims to promote business and creative excellence and provide an in-depth insight into the current state of creativity in the region.

BigSEE Talks

Get inspired by watching some video interviews given by the BigSEE awarded architects revealing their driving force and visions HERE →


ArtPart is an innovative artistic experiential platform aiming to connect various architects, designers, artists and advanced brands with visitors outside the established art venues. Interspersed with the sparkling artistic language used by architects, designers and artists, the platform events shall provide a creative and social space allowing contemporary communication based on discussions about architecture, design, art and brands.
ArtPart is to be included in the Month of Design 2020 gala opening event.

Design Match

Organised networking between design companies, producers, designers and suppliers. Their aim is to strengthen an in-depth exchange of expert opinions and information – a unique opportunity to become familiar with various innovations, novelties and solutions and to establish new business relations and opportunities.

Design Expo  Tradeshow

Design Expo is a trade show encompassing Big See design winning designers and brands, high-quality design products as well as innovative materials, technologies and services that are vitally important for development and design processes. It represents a great opportunity to address business and creative elite in the region (19 countries, 350 mio people), it offers brand positioning and enhances brand awareness.


Winning projects
BigSEE Countries


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