Decibel d.o.o. is specialised in the design and implementation  of room acoustics and sound insulation.  We offer architects consulting services for room and building acoustics for new construction and reconstruction projects. We implement comprehensive solutions in subsequent acoustic treatment: from acoustics measurements and calculations to execution with delivery and installation.

Reference projects:
-Kazina Ljubljana: Room acoustics study
-Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television Ljubljana: Room acoustics study
-Kidričevo Sports Hall: Acoustics planning
-Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, Baku: Acoustic consulting
-InnoRenew Coe Izola Research Institute: Room acoustics study

Short presentation of novelties, innovations, improvements, solutions
Novelty: acoustic consulting. Classical acoustics studies, which are more extensive, more complex and more expensive, are only needed for the most demanding projects. In other cases, more basic acoustic consulting services will suffice, depending on the needs and complexity of the project. We monitor development of the industry and product market, and can therefore independently present options, evaluate the benefits and implement comparisons.
Products: Topakustik and Topperfo wood acoustic panels are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and diverse in terms of performance and looks. A novelty are rounded lines and the Graphic series with over fifty perforation designs and the possibility of producing unique models. Another novelty are new acoustic ceiling panels with integrated lighting, wall sound absorbers with prints (photographs, reproductions of works of art), 3D sound absorbers, acoustic panels made of wood and other natural materials, etc.

Which problem the novelty, innovation, enhancement presented addresses/solves?
Acoustics should be taken into account when planning all spaces where people work, socialize and live. Hidden defects “in terms of poor acoustics, only identified by the users” throw a bad light on the planners. Today, there are so many acoustic products that there is no need to seek a compromise between acoustic effect and design. The lack of specific expertise in the field of acoustics can be compensated by including an acoustic expert.

Why you think architects should be aware of this?
Options for acoustic treatment have expanded from conventional flat surfaces and panels to a wide range of design solutions. We inform architects that we can advise and help them find appropriate acoustical solutions so as to incorporate them into their projects, depending on their needs or acoustic requirements and design preferences. Since we operate as consultants rather than traders, we are not limited to specific providers.

Current responses from clients
Implementation: Users assess the benefit of acoustically processed space as: I can’t believe that such improvement is possible compared to the previous situation which was intolerable/extremely disturbing/stressful.
Consulting: Architects assess our consulting services as necessary and beneficial, contributing to an increase in the quality of architectural projects.


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