BIG SEE DEBATES are a regional forum for top creatives and other industry insiders. Their aim is to detect or even anticipate key topics of our time in creative economy, focusing on South-East Europe and beyond.
The concept of hybrid events is to encourage personal communication among attendees of the on-site event as well as virtual  participants.
In a creative atmosphere of Ogledaljarna gallery in Ljubljana, 15-20 invited architects and designers will experience a live debate, a culinary and art performance that will be long remembered.



  • March 24 (Slovenian)
  • April 21 (international)
  • May 26 (international)
  • June 16 (Slovenian)
  • Sept 21 (international)
  • Sept 7 (Slovenian)


  • Oct 5 (Slovenian)
  • Oct 26 (international)


Promotional activities include the following sponsorship benefits:

  • inclusion in the event’s website announcement (200 characters, link)
  •  sponsor’s tag included in a sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, reach 57.000 – 160.000
  •  content inclusion in the e-invitation (200 characters, link)
  •  logo inclusion in the main event graphics before, during and after the event (visible on website, social media campaigns, e-invitation)
  • 3-time sponsor mention during the debate
  •  2-time video presentation during the debate (up to 15-second video during the debate)
  • an accessible video clip with all sponsor exposures that will be available to all interested audiences for an indefinite period of time

Exclusive debate sponsorship enables an international exchange of creatives and it supports them by covering 5 registration fees per debate for applicants of the BIG SEE Awards.

Price: 3.500 € / debate


  • listened to by 1.000+ participants per year
  • 30,000 newsletter subscribers
  • in 21 SEE countries and other countries