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May 16

Informality in Formal Education – Experimental Methods in Architectural Pedagogy

While architectural education is built upon a coherently composed curriculum of precise learning programs for acquiring essential skills for young architects, it is the integration of fresh and innovative modalities of teaching that keep the University in both vivid and critical contact with the outside world. Therefore, experimental methods in architecture become exploring platforms for transcendence and re-evaluation of existing pedagogical practices, cultivating inside the student the skills needed for a creative re-discovery of the built reality, in all its complexity. The aim of the meeting is to discuss and learn from the varieties of integrating experimental pedagogies in architectural education within different local communities.

Curator: Viktorija Bogdanova

Christakis Chatzichristou, Deputy of the dean, coordinator of the undergraduate studies, former chair of Department of Architecture; University of Cyprus, Nicosia

Christakis Chatzjichristou, PhD. Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Cyprus. First degree in Architectural Engineering (1986) Master of Architecture (1991) University of
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