Darja Malešič 

Darja Malešič designs transform traditional wicker craft with a modern approach to create sustainable products. By re-imagining the heritage skills of Slovenian artisans she has created 'Hazel Wave' lights (co-production with CO/rizom) and 'Corn Dolly Footwear' (co-production CzK, MAO).


Butik lePotica, Stari trg 10, Google map

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Butik lePotica

Butik lePotica is the only bakery in Ljubljana specializing in baking potica. The offer is based on hand-made miniature poticas named lePotičkas, which represent the taste of Slovenian tradition in a few bites. In addition to freshly baked lePotičkas you will also find gifts and souvenirs, all related to potica.