Danica Cachia Mifsud

AP Valletta; Malta

AP Valletta is a research-based practice dedicated to creating architecture as a place-maker, a container of meaning, a catalyst for the creation of kinship, a fabricator of myth, and a producer of narratives. Our multidisciplinary team intertwines sustainable adaptive reuse strategies with traditional restoration, working on a vast range of projects. Over the last 30 years, the firm has widened its expertise by managing projects of varying scale and complexity, in Malta and overseas. A significant reflection of our work practice is evident in our relationship with the city of Valletta. AP Valletta has contributed to the resurgence of interest and growing revaluation of architecture on the island, challenging the status quo in the perception and preservation of local heritage. Working closely with clients and collaborators, the firm fosters an integrated design process, enabling our projects to preserve the legacy of the past while having a meaningful social impact.

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