Claudia Campone, Thirtyone Design, Italy

My perspective is generally very optimistic: pandemic lockdown somehow forced us to study, research and work more without too much distraction. This has been a unique time for all of us to investigate different axes of our work, particularly, Residential Design. Our cities are overwhelmed with a continuous demand of accommodations in the center where the public transportation network is more efficient and lately this trend has determined an insane raise of house rent in specific areas and a general depopulation of the smaller towns. I really think that after these months during which we experienced how realistically we can work from home, a lot of companies may decide to reduce offices costs and allow people to work from home at least few days a week. This is why we imagined and planned POSThome, a new home-working project we are launching in Milan, a sharing accommodation that anyone can use only when it is needed to stay in the center of the city for business or leisure purposes. In this compact multi-functional space we focused particular attention on the wellbeing and sustainable behaviors which can be determined by space layout and colors choices.

September 19, 2020