Chest Press Machine

The machine is a part of the system based on the Canali Method, that is an innovative scientific motor approach developed by Professor Vincenzo Canali and designed by Massimo Farinatti.




It is based on the implementation of specific and complete work that starts with postural analysis and is developed through auxotonic postural strength and cardio postural workouts.



By combining the benefits of an auxotonic and postural method and system for the first time, Canali System offers unprecedented results. The auxotonic posture rotation machines result in fast, balanced and customised development of the body in complete safety, preventing joint problems and avoiding trauma from iterative load.



No weight block, you work with your own body to regulate the load. A simple adjustment allows you to calibrate the load from 2% to 300% of your weight; a woman of 50 kilos can vary the machine’s load from 1 to 125 kilos, while a 100 kilo professional can operate within a range from 2 to a maximum of 250 kilos. Both can use the same machines by moving the load lever just a few centimetres, without lifting any weights.


About the design studio:

Massimo Farinatti architect has found is own studio Farinattidesign in the 1997.

His distinctive hallmark has emerged from the capacity to combine a contemporary vision of society and user needs, with an extensive knowledge of the historical and cultural roots of design, producing results that blend the past with the future. The character of his creations draws on the everyday, transforming habits into new experiences. With his works, objects take on the spirit necessary to live among the sum of the parts in a holistic system aimed at bettering the quality of our lives.



About the producer:

Canali System is a company based on a development on new fitness equipment.

Thanks to Canali System the gym is about to make the greatest step forward in the history of fitness with the best that motor science can offer and the highest technological level.

This new era begins with the revolutionary scientific-motor approach developed by Professor Vincenzo Canali Channels System that the company, thanks to the design by Massimo Farinatti, has become a daily reality for all.


Design: Massimo Farinatti Architetto
Producer: Canali System
Photo: Massimo Farinatti Architetto (c)
Year of production: 2016



Text provided by the authors of the project.