Carina is the new outdoor decorative lamp, created by Okapi. The luminaire consists of travertine marble and metal black elements, which conceal the glare-free light source: an efficient LED tape with a 2700 K color temperature and a 2.4 W consumption. The two versions of Carina share apparently, the same shape, but although different they are perfect together.




The inspiration behind the design concept came by a simple gesture, such as folding a paper boat. These two monolithic shapes aim to propose a different way of lighting outdoor spaces, blending in harmoniously with the environment thanks to their rough texture surface and prismatic structure. Carina represents an alternative, sophisticated lamp that adds a touch of style to gardens and green areas.




Design: Okapi
Producer: Okapi
Photos: George Sfakianakis, George Fakaros, Okapi
Country of producer: Greece
Year of production: 2017