Inspired by the unconventional use of concrete in the recent history of architecture, Brenta collection – designed by EMO Design, engineered, produced and sold by Neri SpA – brings sophisticated indoor shapes to the world of outdoor lighting and furniture, complementing it with powerful optics, Wi-Fi antennas and wireless chargers.




Brenta is the first smart urban furniture collection made of a special mixture of High Performance Concrete (HPC), where each piece emits light. The collection is composed by four types of bollards (XL, L, M and S – XL can incorporate Wi-Fi antenna), two types of wall mounted luminaires, two types of benches (one can be accessorized with induction charge) and two types of planters. Illuminating bollards XL and L and wall mounted luminaire L, mount a special indirect light optic that allows interdistance between bollards of 8-10 times their height, depending on countries regulations.




Design: Emo Design
Producer: Neri SpA
Country of producer: Italy
Photos: Emo Design
Year of production: 2018