Boris Balant

born 1963

In his hometown, he attended elementary school (1970-78) and high school (1978-81) and secondary education (1981-83), studied art history and ethnology (1984-85) at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and at ALUO design (1988-90), but did not complete the study. From 1991 to 2006 he worked as a freelance cultural worker, from 1986 to 1987 he was the editor of the ŠKUC Gallery in Ljubljana, from 1991 to 1992 he collaborated with Studio New Collectivism under the pseudonym S of N (Salt of the Nation). At LUKS Studio (co-founder with Lena Pislak) was the creative director and designer, 2008-12 was the creative director and designer at Atelje.Balant, whose founder he was, since 2012 he is a partner and co-founder (with Andreja Jež) of the Human1st studio.

He has devoted most of his work to graphic design and, since 1998, to branding. The main works for corporate use include: designing the magazine Ars Vivendi (Ljubljana, 1996–97), designing an overall image for Mobitel (1998–2005), Piran salt-pans (since 2003), development of the Fonda brand (since 2006), brand development brands and packaging design for Pivovarna Laško (2007–11, 2013–15), brand development and corporate identity design Luna (2007–09), corporate design for Mura (2012–13), and corporate identity Krasna (Ekotera, doo , 2012).

The main works for artistic use are the following: design of posters for PTL performances (Institute of Dance Theater Ljubljana, Ljubljana, since 1999), design of posters and theatrical sheets for the Front and Fleet by Matjaž Farič (Matjaž Farič, sp, Murska Sobota, since 1999), design of posters, books and printed matter for various projects by Dragan Živadinov (Delak Society, Ljubljana, since 2000).

In a public debate on the trademark / slogan I feel Slovenia in 2007, he highlighted the lack of Slovene design terminology. For his work, he has received the ICOGRADA Excellence Award along with Studio New Collectivism (ICOGRADA, Montreal, 1999), Brumn’s Award for the Basic Set of Cover Letters (2007), Netko for the Fund’s web sites (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, 2008 and 2011).