Bledion Baraliu

Vice president and future president of the Architects Association of Kosovo

Bledion BARALIU is an architect, writer and lecturer.

He is the co-founder of the company archiEDU, which is known for designing, supervising, professional BIM software training and software distribution.

On a daily basis, he leads a team of 17 architects designing, developing, managing and implementing many architectural and interior projects. There are over 400 projects worked in Switzerland, Austria, London, Malta, Sweden, Albania, Serbia, etc.

Bledioni is one of the pioneers of the BIM concept (Building Information Model) in architecture and interior design, one of the few in Kosovo and the region. In this capacity, he has been a participant, presenter and lecturer in many roundtables, conferences, symposia, workshops and trainings in the country, region and Europe.

Since 2017 he is a Lecturer in the Department of Interior Design at the “EVOLUTION Academy” in Prishtina, where he is committed to share with students professional and practical experiences, always combining them with the most innovative academic knowledge and practices.

  • SHARE Skopje 2020 – first prize – future projects awards
  • KAMENICA City’s main boulevard Competition – 2nd prize
  •  Government of Kosovo – Ministry of Culture, Competiton for Cultural Hall for the famous albanian opera singer Nexhmije Pagarusha — 2nd prize
  • Private investor BAU Holding – neighbourhood in Prishtina with 300 houses and accompanying buildings  – 2nd Prize
  • Grand Hotel Prishtina (one of the most iconic buildings in Kosovo), Winner of Restauration, Redesigning and Reorganizing the building and the pubic space in the surrounding – connecting with Prishtina’s main city boulevard.
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