BIO X6 3D bioprinter

The BIO X6 3D bioprinter enables the fabrication of multi-material constructs used in cell culture workflows for drug development, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The intuitive design makes the BIO X6 the most user-friendly bioprinter on the market. Researchers are able to include a wide range of bioinks in their work thanks to Intelligent Printheads, which are interchangeable. The Clean Chamber Technology keeps a positive air pressure inside ensuring bioprinting in sterile conditions. Unlike the bulky conventional bioprinters, which are usually used inside biosafety cabinets, the standal one BIO X6 streamlines cell culturing workflows with a smaller footprint. It enables 3D cell culture automation, increases reproducibility and data quality and reducing timelines and cost. The BIO X6 represents an important step in biomedical research, pushing us closer to more physiologically relevant organ models, reducing animal testing and making bioprinted organs a reality.


CELLINK Design team, Sweden

CELLINK Bioprinting AB, Sweden

Year of production

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