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We are creating a better region; connected, progressive and prosperous, kind, tolerant, respectful, honest and dignified, healthy and sustainable, beautiful, worthy of respect, where designing and creating are pleasures, where people proudly live their dreams. Yes, we are building a community with a mission, a community driven by progress, a community that will transform society, a community that will take us forward. Together we will explore every creative corner of the region’s 21 countries, celebrate together more than 1,000 new projects every year, fill every live and digital content together and much more – together. And know what – together, we can do it!

BIG SEE platform recognises the rich creative potential of the region as an essential element in connecting and strengthening the most creative part of the world, which is the only one capable of generating a critical reflection on the modern world, has the experience of coexistence in diversity and the opportunity for strong economic development already in the next ten years.

Membership benefits

  • Your knowledge and experience for all – every month
  • Brand logo in the Powered by section
  • Website Brand profile
  • Full page advertisement in BIG SEE Report

Membership includes

Membership price: 4.000 € / year

  • Website Brand profile
  • Brand logo in Powered by section
  • Brand Innovation Community Update: one post per month, “Innovation for all”
  • Full page advertisement in BIG SEE Report


Website Brand profile


Members have a privilege to show their professional excellence through their website brand profiles. Brand profile renders possible website highlights by:

  • exclusive company reference card: 2,000 characters, 3-5 images, logo b&w, website links & social media channels, HQ address, showroom locations, market sector, contacts
  • connecting a brand with its winning BIG SEE projects
  • front page exposure in randomly featured brand’s section
  • brand profile in “Partners” section
  • presentation of up to 3 featured products / projects (text, images / link to your brand’s product video)
  • possible inclusion of other contents (advertorials, interviews, video clips)
  • ongoing profile update: description, photos, contacts etc.
  • references and featured products update (once per year)

Included (regular price: 1.000 €)

Brand logo in Powered by section


Brand logo in Powered by section at each BIG SEE design awarded project.

Included (regular price: 1.000 €)

Brand Innovation Community Update: one post per month, “Innovation for all”


Brand news on progress, innovation, opportunities, challenges, new skills, new technologies, new solutions or any other information that might help our society to grow to be published on BIG SEE Facebook.

Included (regular price: 1.200 €)

BIG SEE Report

The BIG SEE Report is annual review of BIG SEE Design Award Winners.
It provides an in-depth insight into the creative excellence of the South East Europe region. By means of reflections, visions and ideas the magazine aims to explore and expose the undiscovered business and creative potential of the region.


Issue date: spring 2023
Format: 227 x 273 mm
Language: English
Circulation: 3.000

Full page advertisement included (regular price: 2.600 €)

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