We started to design the Biba luminaire with one thing in mind; to create jewelry for ambients. Its recognizable design calls for visitors’ attention without being intrusive, it encourages them to touch it, to connect to it, and to create a long-lasting emotional bond with it as an object of desire. And that’s just what a good piece of jewelry does, right?


Besides it’s sensible shape, the powerful high-tech luminaire Biba boasts several technical features – such as a heat sink and a straight tension of the hanging cable – that give this luminaire a special finishing touch. The Biba luminaire is available in different shapes and colors making it a total design chameleon. Every detail has been carefully considered. The selection of high-quality materials and the manufacturing processes ensure not only its durability, but also a high level of lighting comfort with no glare.



The substantial lack of high-quality small decorative luminaires, especially in the sector of residential, retail, hospitality and public lighting, led us to create the Biba luminaire and offer a new solution. It is not only good looking, but also provides a high light comfort that puts a stop to the struggle of choosing between nice design and quality lighting!



Design: Wilsonic Design
Producer: Intra Lighting
Country of producer: Slovenia
Year of production: 2018