Bebionic hand

The bebionic hand is a multi-articulating hand prosthesis that is worn without a cosmetic glove. Available in sizes small and medium. It is controlled by myoelectric muscle signals that are transmitted through several electrodes in the shaft. This enables a variety of grip patterns. The bebionic hand does not confer any superpowers as seen in science fiction films. Nevertheless, it empowers users to perform everyday tasks. The name says it all. Be bionic! With its bionic and technical appearance, the users quickly appear to be a cyborg, which in this case is our target group. Our statement: „Show off your expressive versatility and make a statement with every move.“ The technical product improvements are reflected in the product design. The outer appearance was moved closer to the human anatomy by tendon-like lines on the back of the hand. A homogeneous perception is created by a lacquer finish in pearl white and a warm black metallic tone with a satin finish.


aws designteam, Austria

Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH, Austria

Year of production

aws designteam – Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky

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