Yerce Architects, founded by Nail Egemen Yerce in 2011, focuses on innovative, creative and experimental solutions in the fields of industrial design, interior design and architecture.

Acting within different scales and typologies, Yerce Architects has taken part in many award winning projects. After being founded in 2011, Yataş Fair stand has been awarded the ‘Best Exhibition Space’ inside Ismob Furniture Fair. Orfisera Office Project has been chosen to be part of the East-Centric Architecture Triennale in Bucharest and Studio Loft has been selected to appear in the Turkish Architecture Yearbook as well as being a finalist in the World Architecture Festival – Inside 2017, in the ‘Creative Re-Use’ category.

Yerce Architects, with their projects being realized in Turkey, China, Belgium and England, continues to operate within their Istanbul based studio.

ZAAS, an architectural studio based in Istanbul, has been founded by Zeynep Şankaynağı and Ayça Taylan in 2014. The concepts underlying their designs are nourished by the interface relations within the fine arts. With the aim to reshape and redefine the ordinary boundaries together with ideas inspired by the emotional and aesthetic perception of objects, ZAAS has developed architectural designs of different scales in their search for novel ways to enhance the daily life and city experience of the individual. ZAAS, cooperating with Yerce Architects from time to time, believes in the power of multidisciplinary approach in design, artistic and architectural production. It continues to offer innovative design solutions and experiences operating from their studio in Istanbul.

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