Atelier is a versatile furniture series inspired by the structure of a painting easel. It features a clever reinterpretation of the classic wooden armchair, a generously sized table and a desk. All pieces can be characterized by a contemporary, industrial and clean design, emphasized by a high-grade craftsmanship.





Atelier armchairs may easily go from a comfortable chair with armrests, suitable for dining areas or living room spaces, to a public space seat, that can be easily stacked. Atelier Table is an accommodating and durable dining table that works well in both domestic and commercial spaces. Atelier Desk offers a contemporary alternative to a usual desk, creating a working space with simple, clean lines, but also a playful vibe.






Design: Dragos Motica
Producer: Ubikubi
Country of producer: Romania
Photos: Ubikubi Studio, Sebastian Oros, NOOC Studio
Year of production: 2015