Since 1994, the ASB magazine has been bringing current information from the sphere of architecture, construction and development. The reader will find analyzes of hot topics in the magazine, information about upcoming projects, about new interesting realizations, profiles of well-known personalities and current trends in building structures and materials.

One of the main goals of our magazine is to present and support Slovak architecture and Slovak architects. In addition to a number of articles presenting individual projects, we publish a number of original interviews with Slovak architects.

During its existence, the magazine has also created a significant position in the media space, becoming the subject of citations and consultations by other media. We are open to new possibilities and collaborations and strive to create quality content in the fields of architecture and development, with the aim of educating in the best sense of the word. We open doors behind which obstacles await us, but thanks to mutual connection and networking, we are able to overcome them and push the boundaries of the perception of architecture, business and development. This enables not only our readers, but also the general public to learn and grow with us.

ASB magazine
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Denisa Kureková, Editor in Chief
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Broňa Tarnócy, Editor
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