Arzum Olimpia Power combines aesthetics and high performance to meet consumer needs. It is equipped with powerful, eco-friendly and silent motor. Its HEPA 13 filter improves the air quality by trapping 99.99% of all dust by creating an allergen- and pollutant-free environment. The power adjustment wheel provides a brilliant cleaning experience. The LED system informs consumers visually about the power adjustment and warns when the container is fully filled with dust. Thanks to the wire reinforced hose, it can be easily moved around. Cyclone Extreme technology offers great performance with minimum energy usage to ensure a sustainable, eco-friendly product.









About the producer:

Arzum having been born as a domestic brand in 1966, Arzum has taken its place at almost each home in Turkey and carried its success into international aspect in a short time. Aiming to change the lives of the users with the products which it has manufactured by bringing technology with desing and creativity, Arzum has been directing the sector by breaking the grounds in Turkey within the small house appliances sector during its half-century-journey. Having produced the first Turkish iron in 1967, first Turkish mechanical vacuum cleaner in 1968, first Turkish food processor in 1991, and first electrical coffeepot in 2003, Arzum became the first brand to prolong the guarantee period by launching the 3-year-guarantee application within the sector in 2001. Being deemed worthy of various national and international prestigious awards with the products which it has created with the motto of “If you touch, changes the world.


About the design studio:

DesignUM founded in 2004 by Ümit Altun, DesignUM shares 32 years of experience in industrial product design and design consulting with national and international business partners in different sectors.

DesignUM combines creative products with functional, aesthetic, innovative designs and using them in accordance with the production technology. The design process is shaped by the needs of different sectors and carries a project from the sketch stage to the part design and production. DesignUM works in the sectors of automotive, home appliances, electronic products, sports, hobby and personal products, furniture and accessories, packaging design and sanitary ware.


          Umit Altun    

    Fuat Ari


Gozde Elbeyli


Design: DesignUM; Umit Altun, Gözde Elbeyli, Fuat Arı
Producer: Arzum Small Appliances
Year of production: 2018


Text provided by the authors of the project.