Aleksander Ostan

Curator and moderator, Slovenia

Aleksander Saša Ostan is an architect, urban planner, writer and teacher at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. He is a member of ZAPS, DAL, DAP, DUPPS, and was also a member of the informal group Odprti krog and the association Sestava. He and Nataša Pavlin run the architectural and urban planning Atelje Ostan Pavlin, where they are comprehensively exploring  living and architectural culture, sustainable development and building in the light of paradigmatic changes in space and time. Ostan is active both at home and abroad, he advocates a holistic, sustainable approach to urban planning & design and architecture, ranging from large to small scales, integrating culture and nature, theory and practice, tradition and invention, the global and the local, renovations and new buildings. He also runs workshops and excursions, lectures at symposia, writes, draws, juries, designs exhibitions and photographs. He is also the author of numerous critical essays and articles in professional journals and the recipient of international and national professional awards (in recent years with the Atelier Ostan Pavlin and before that with the Open Circle group).

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