About Alan Dornik
After finishing high school of electrical engineering in Nova Gorica, in 1990 I continued my education in Ljubljana at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FER). My diploma thesis was “Digitization of X-rays”. Shortly thereafter, I get a job at Project d.d., the largest project company in Nova Gorica as a planner of electrical installations. At the same time, I am interested in financial consulting and insurance. I am one of the first in Slovenia to invest in mutual funds, combined with life insurance policies, which gives me a great deal of experience and opens the door to another business world. In 1999 I passed the professional exam and became a licenced Engineer and a member of the Engineering Chamber. That same year, I finish my long basketball career. As a project manager, I took a job at Intra lighting and set up project support for e-planners and architects. In 2007, I decided to change my field of work and focus more on the activity I was studying. As a commercial director in the joint venture company »Skaibo«,  I was responsable for sales in the field of digital traffic detection and control on highways and tunnels, as well as intelligent installations in buildings. In 2008, I accepted the invitation of Zumtobel and took over the management of the Slovenian representative office, which at that time had 5 employees. Today, as a GM, I am responsible for 26 employees and 28 million target in 10 SEE countries.

About Zumtobel Group
There is lighting – and there is Zumtobel Lighting.

We are passionate about designing and producing the highest quality of light, whatever the application. We continuously push the boundaries in our search for perfection through timeless design, technical excellence, superb craftsmanship and efficient performance. We know that light can create the right environment for people to thrive. Light can spark our imagination, stir our emotions and create spaces that inspire. As we develop the next generation of lighting, we build on our family heritage to continue to improve the aesthetics of light and quality of life throughout the world. We always strive for greatness in Lighting.

Zumtobel. The Light.