AirHood™ is the world’s first portable range hood that removes grease, smoke, and cooking odors, and stops oil films from forming on surfaces. It keeps the air and kitchen countertops clean while adding a friendly but non-intrusive touch to any kitchen. Airhood is our vision to make clean cooking accessible to everyone, anywhere, and at any time. The idea for AirHood™ was born from the need for user-friendliness and maintenance improvement for conventional, permanently installed range hoods. Airhood’s strong fan draws cooking fumes through the air duct and into a two-filter system, comprising an oil filter that extracts grease particles and an activated charcoal filter that filters smoke, toxic fumes, and odor. The filtered air then passes through the diffuser, swirling out to create a visual highlight. AirHood offers a wired option for gas stoves with unlimited power and an induction stove-compatible wireless variant for ultimate flexibility.


Maxime Augay

Smart Product Concepts Ltd.

Year of production

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