Adrianus Kil

RO&AD Architecten, The Netherlands

RO&AD Architecten is a Dutch office founded by Ro Koster (1963) and Ad Kil (1965) in 2006. Sustainability and fun are a few keywords to describe the office and its projects. We try to create as big as possible positive footprints with our designs, and therefore we are very interested in the systems where the buildings we make are part of. If we can get our design integrated in the ecological, cultural and social eco-systems of the place, the building adds value and will be more sustainable in every way. We like to work with wood, because it is a healthy, beautiful and renewable material. What also plays a role is that Ro has been educated as a carpenter. After that he studied architecture at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Ad is educated at the architecture department of the Delft University of Technology. RO&AD’s work field is broad, from furniture to architecture and landscape.