Adria Astella, the latest caravan model by Adria Mobil, was developed based on an in-depth analysis of the insights, expectations and lifestyles of 21st century caravan users. While they expect camping to be as comfortable as their homes, they also want to enjoy their nature retreat and the benefits of outdoor living to the fullest.

This approach resulted in a complete redefinition of the caravan’s interior, in which indoor and outdoor living are more integrated than ever before. Based on users’ expectations and lifestyles, three distinctive floor plans were developed: the first one, featuring an expansive cooking & dining area, allows for cooking to become a sociable experience even when done indoors; the second one offers an expansive sitting and lounging area that, for the first time ever, combines the comfort of a living room with life on the road; and, finally, the third one further enhances the essence of camping with a large panoramic bedroom window – a caravan camper’s connection with the great outdoors.

The new Astella addresses the expectations of the new generation of users not only with its functionalities but also with clean, contemporary aesthetics of both the interior and exterior. Although it was primarily developed for a comfortable living, the caravan was also designed to be aerodynamic and effective on the road.

This innovative approach to product design allows not only for a reimagined camping and vacation experience – it opens the door to the development of new business models both for Adria Mobil as well as camping site owners and managers.  


Designer: Andraž Šapec, Matic Vihtelič, Gigodesign
Producer: Adria mobil d.o.o. 
Country: Slovenia
Year of production: 2019


Text provided by the authors of the project.