On 9 June 2022, TECE opened a new exhibition room in Belgrade, at Požeška 31a. TECE has been present in Serbia, through its Representative Office in Belgrade, since 2016. After 6 years of successful operation, there was a need to open an exhibition showroom where all TECE product buyers, business partners, installers, architects and designers would be able to get an even better look at all TECE solutions in the field of sanitary products and installation techniques for projects they are working on. The opening of the exhibition room in Belgrade took place in a pleasant and relaxed setting with a suitable entertainment program, with numerous visitors, business partners, vendors, installers, architects and designers expressing their support by gracing us with their presence.
The beautiful exhibition room is located at the above address on Banovo brdo, and has the total surface of 250 m2. The interior design is the brainchild of the renowned Novi Sad architect Sonja Brstina. Belgrade got a new it place for superior sanitary solutions offered by TECE. The modern and fluid space exudes a pleasant atmosphere, inviting you to check out all TECE solutions for water supply to the house and drainage of water from the house. The technical and design aspects of all products seem to be telling TECE’s customers – “close to you”. The company’s motto shows that TECE closely monitors all the needs of the modern man, new habits and lifestyles and is ready to respond to them technically and design-wise with top solutions from the field of sanitary systems, installation walls, drainage and pipe systems. In doing so, it takes into account all aspects of natural resource preservation.
TECE’s solutions are a combination of permanently safe function and timeless design, as presented to customers and partners in the best possible way in the new exhibition room in Belgrade. This combination is a vivid illustration of the company’s motto – make good even better.

TECE is a global manufacturer of sanitary products and installation systems. As an independent family business based in Emsdetten, Germany, it has been present on the international market for over 30 years. Curiosity and desire for innovation have led to the development of unique solutions by which TECE sets industry standards. The successful operation of TECE’s representative office in Croatia since 2005 was joined in 2016 by the representative office in Belgrade, which has crowned its work so far with a representative exhibition room.