Marco Mazzetto (born in 1973) and Alessandro Lazzari (born in 1972) established the 3ndy Studio in the province of Venice right after achieving their master’s degree at the University of Architecture in Venice IUAV in 1999. Since the very early activities the Studio is interested in planning, researching and implementing architectural projects involving diverse levels of design: objects, buildings, urban planning. In addition, 3ndy Studio competes in national and international planning contests, achieving various mentions and awards. The Studio is currently a vital center where many skills and personalities meet, such as architects, designers, graphic designers and urban planners.

3ndy Studio envisions a concept of “conscious architecture”, accessible to all, conveying positive significance and enshrining democratic values.

The 3ndyStudio+ project started in 2007 with the collaboration of Massimiliano Martignon (1972) a fellow architect also trained in IUAV and graduated in 1999.