Photo: Borut Peterlin

Meta Megušar Bizjan, the award curator:

Alan Hranitelj is a truly exceptional costume designer and, as he jokingly calls himself, a crazy hat-maker. Although it might seem that he has become deeply rooted in our Slovenian environment, Alan eventually belongs to everyone and to no one. He has indeed been working in many different places, but, as he himself claims, he is happiest at home. This internationally renowned and highly respectable costume designer, an artist whose life is just as interesting as his creations, is becoming a true fashion icon, which is something he has never really wanted to be. He is, namely, not really fond of fashion because, in his view, it often imitates unique creations and besides it also trades with “the emperor’s new clothes”.  Nevertheless, fashion designers love him, in fact, they adore him and his visionary world of imagination which serves as their great source of inspiration.

He experienced the fashion world as a young creator working in Milan, but he soon realized that the world of fashion did not offer him enough creative freedom. He opted for his own, independent path, and although his creations reflect a phantasy world similar to the one found in the creations made by Mcqueen or Galliano, he has managed to place himself on an equal footing with the big ones, but in his own peculiar way – without any background support of powerful corporations. He is no longer interested in fashion industry that oftentimes forces the talented, creative souls to be pushed to the outer edges, even to death. He likes art, he wants his creations to belong to eternity, therefore he has decided to be engaged in the world of costume-design.   

What he likes most is creating for a stage and his creations include numerous wonderful, queer, magnificent costumes that can take us to some other, parallel worlds. His world of imagination has inspired many Slovenian and international creators, among them also the well-known Cirque du Soleil, which resulted in their long-standing cooperation. We are all impressed by his theatre, opera and film creations, and besides, we are all truly fascinated by his independent exhibitions that have so far taken him to at least three different continents. His dreamy, poetic, slightly melancholic world will eternally remain in his books that will pass on the creativity of this visionary time-traveller to future generations. When it comes to the topmost designs, it can be claimed that the two worlds of costume design and fashion are inextricably linked and they can mutually inspire and enrich each other. The creations designed by Alan Hranitelj have been stirring up the imagination of many young fashion designers and they have also been encouraging to surpass the rigid frames of fashion design, therefore I propose Alan Hranitelj be appointed the Fashion Visionary of 2019.