Urban Modular is an urban furniture initiated from the idea to create a seat for one person in public space. It experiments the possibility of combination between the different modulars in order to escape the typical sitting on a bench. It wants to enhance sitting in different heights in the public space, where people could experience diverse views and sitting arrangements. It was located on two abandoned public spaces in Tetovo and Prilep, Macedonia. During the construction, young people were engaged where they could learn about working with wood and get involved in the changements in their public space. This is a sustainable project that drives up the local economy. It was used local wood and local carpenter from both locations.







Architecture: Sara Simoska
Project Manager: Maja Lozanoska
Realized by MELEEM Skopje
Photos: Sara Simoska, Vase Amanito
Year of completion: 2017
Location: Tetovo, Prilep, Macedonia


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