Project Description

Marco Lavit Nicora;
Atelier LAVIT,

Born 1986, Marco Lavit graduated in architecture at Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, Paris and at RMIT – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 2011.
He founded his architecture and design practice, Atelier LAVIT in 2014. Since then the practice has been active in France and Italy. Their scope of work spans from architecture to furniture design and originates from the dialogue with artisans and their savoir-faire, especially “Made in Italy”. Architecture and design often proceed in parallel, striving to reach essential forms. This approach results in an extemporal production, which does not follow trends, but rather lets the strength of raw materials speak for the designs themselves.
In architecture the studio has a preference for the use of wood, often applied to unusual and innovative housing structures. In 2017 Atelier LAVIT realized an exclusive tree house – hotel room for the Park of Raray Castle, France, and a series of surprising, floating cabins for a hotel in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, France. In 2014 they designed an iron and leather seat “Venezia” for the 14th Venice Architectural Biennale. Today, the seat Venezia, the coffee table “Reconvexo” and the sofa “Atem” are represented exlusively by the gallery Nilufar in Milan.
Marco is one of the «Rising Talent Awards» 2018 for Maison & Objet, Paris. As of 2018 he is architecture professor at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA)

ORIGIN Tree House, Château de Raray, Francija, 2017

ECO-DOMAIN GCP – hotel z na vodi lebdečimi hišicami, Avignon, Francija, 2017