Project Description

Andreas Rumpfhuber;
Expanded Design,

Dr. Andreas Rumpfhuber is an architect and architectural theoretician living in Vienna, focusing on new forms of housing and labour. He runs his office Expanded Design where he works on international research projects, workshops and consults various companies, develops studies and designs architecture, especially from the field of (public) housing.
The texts, books and lectures of Andreas Rumpfhuber are critical and theoretical reflections upon the focal themes of work and living. This literature is part of a specific practice that intervenes in the social discourse, communicating and imparting knowledge at the same time. Through his texts, Andreas Rumpfhuber continuously contributes to an opening up of architecture – both within the discipline itself, and transcending its imaginary borders. It is this engagement with key concepts that makes a discussion of political, social and economic conditions possible. Among others he is a co-author (with Michael Klein) of the book “Modelling Vienna. Real Fictions in Social Housing”, published in 2014. The book focuses on public and subsidized housing construction in Vienna.
In the design process his office Expanded Design draws on theoretical and historical knowledge, reveals the knowledge both explicit and implicit in organisations, and develops artistic and research led solutions that can withstand the challenges that work and living pose to contemporary architecture. Theory/research and concrete designing tasks are dialectically related; the work of Andreas Rumpfhuber and Expanded Design does not present a contradiction. The impulse, set free through this interconnection, allows the users of the spaces to relate in new ways towards each other and their context.
He teaches internationally among others he lectured at the Architectural Association London, ETH Zurich, KTH Stockholm. He was a professor at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel teaching “Spatial and Design Strategies” and at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart . Currently he is a guest professor at the TU Vienna, Institute for Urban Design.

Wunschmaschine Wohnanlage

“Perspectives” kot del „SUPERCAMPUSA“, natečaj Urban Design Competition, 2. mesto, Dunaj, Avstrija