Southeast Europe has great potential for tourism development. Creative industries, combined with innovative tourism-business ideas, can have an important impact on development of high value-added tourism products. The festival is intended to establish a dialogue between suppliers in tourism, tourism service providers, investors, architects and designers in order to promote the development of the local environment in innovative and sustainable tourism destinations. Creative Tourism Festival is the right meeting place for interdisciplinary meetings of all who see business potential in tourism.


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13.00–16.00: Tourism 180˚ (Experts and Winners  Stage)
16.00–19.00: Business and Design Forum: Renovation for Creative Tourism








Creative Tourism Conference

The development of high value-added tourism products, supported by the involvement of creative industries, can represent an answer to the question: How to contribute to the development of the South-Eastern European region in such a way that it becomes a creative, sustainable tourist destination, and how to avoid the traps of the mass, low-budget tourism.

Business & Design Forum: Renovation for Creative Tourism
Investors in tourism, architects, designers and other experts on the role and importance of integrating creative industries into the development of commercially successful tourist stories.
Investors, architects, designers and other representatives of creative sector will present, through good practices, how to renovate traditional buildings of cultural heritage through deliberate intervention. Functional transformation gives them a modern identity and tourist role. They will present the challenges they faced in developing a genuine boutique tourism stories as a cornerstone of tourist offerings in rural communities and small towns – from the use of local materials, the incorporation of traditional handicraft skills, to the development of a business-interesting programmes.

Tourism 180˚

A series of short presentations of award-winning projects BigSEE  intended to exchange information, opinions and reflections on the successful creative tourism projects in the region.

BigSEE Awards

Within the scope of the Creative Tourism Festival, the awards for excellence in Southeast European tourism design are granted in the following categories:
– Creative story and identity as experience
– Architecture and design as experience

BigSEE Exhibition

The exhibition in the national pavilions presents award-winning projects in the category creative tourism design from South-East Europe.

Awards Ceremony

The awards will occure in two parts: for winners on Stage 180˚ during the whole day and for Grand Prix winners on the evening event.

BigSEE Talks

Get inspired by watching some video interviews given by the BigSEE awarded tourism project’s owners, architects and designers revealing their driving force and visions HERE →

Tourism Match

Tourism Match are individual business meetings for networking professionals in tourism, agencies, suppliers, architects, designers with the purpose to efficiently exchange expert opinions and information and to make new business contacts. They enable establishing new business relationships and opportunities.

Creative Tourism Tradeshow

Specialised trade show for creative tourism in the region, aimed at informing professional decision-makers about innovations in the equipment, products and services for the tourism industry, and promoting the original tourism offer from South-East Europe by presenting creative tourist destinations in the region, tourist organisations and agencies.

Eat & Drink Design

Eat & Drink Design event is a unique culinary Month of Design event which has been accompanying and supporting excellent design achievements, outstanding design brands and creative initiatives from Slovenia and entire Southeast Europe since 2008. Various design brands and culinary masterpieces provide an unforgettable design and culinary experience that will be long remembered.

Already collaborated:
Gostilna pri Lojzetu; Tomaž Kavčič / Hiša Franko / Restavracija JB; Janez Bratovž / Gostilna Krištof; Tomaž Bolka / Gostilna pri Danilu; Vesna Čarman / Gostilna Rakar; Boštjan Rakar / Gostilna Skaručna; Slavko Žagar / Uroš Štefelin / Restavracija Evergreen Kaval Group / Angel Kaval Group / Cubo / Majerija, aroma burje in sonca / Restavracija Špajza / Vivo / Bistro Marof; Benjamin Romšak / Hit Alpinea; Klemen Drole, Tadej Lombar, Robert Kristan / Restavracija pri Florjanu / Lolita / Petelinškov; Anže Petelinšek / Restavracija in bar Atelje; Anita Grbić / Gostišče Veselič; Silva Sopčić / Supercatering / Jezeršek – kreativne kulinarične rešitve; Ana Šušteršič / Hiša Raduha; Martina Breznik / Gostilna Danica; Jože Godec / Kraljestvo pršuta; Simon Komel / Restavracija Kaiser; David Vasiljevič, Janez Čonžek / Restavracija Rizibizi; Janko Franetič, Tomaž Bevčič, Patrizia Bevčič / Restavracija Strelec Kaval Group; Igor Jagodic, Jorg Zupan / Restavracija Brioni; Tomaž Polenec / Terme Snovik; Iztok Gumzej / Posestvo Pule / Restavracija Maxim; Andrej Kuhar / Hotel Korošica; Zofka Kanovnik / Restavracija Vila Herberstein / Mateja Ulaga / LifeClass Hotels & spa / Hiša slaščic Zvezda / Hotel Paka / Yldiz Han / Gostilna Belšak / Vander restaurant / Gostilna Danica; Jože Godec / Gostišče Grič; Luka Košir / Gostilna Mahorčič; Ksenija K. Mahorčič / Kuhna pa to / Gostilna Repovž / Gostilna Resje; Jože Godec / Gostilna na gradu; Damjan Fink / Namaste / Gostilna Mlinar / Janja Štrumbelj; LePotica / Gostilna Rajh; Tanja Pintarič / Pavus; Marko Pavčnik / Restavracija Žmoht / Grm Novo mesto – center biotehnike in turizma; Višja strokovna šola / Zmajček Flo / Taman Organic / Mediterraneo – pizzerija & restavracija / Gostilnica 5-6 kg / Kunstelj Restaurant & Inn / KUCHA / Oštarija Restaurant & Hotel, Dolenjske Toplice / Gostilna Javornik / Fonda Fish Garden / Sveti Florijan / Albania / Austria / Croatia / Cyprus / The Czech Republic / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Greece / Hungary / Italy / Kosovo / The Republic of Moldova / Montenegro / North Macedonia / Romania / Serbia / Slovakia / Turkey / Poland / Slovenia / Ljubljana – the European Capital of Culture candidate / Nova Gorica – Gorizia – the European Capital of Culture candidate / Lenava – the European Capital of Culture candidate / J & J / Zumtobel / Veriga Lesce / Volvo / Geberit / Pilih Beton / NEFF / Gorenc / Noordung and Simetrija and many others.


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By Registration I authorize the use of my personal data in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) and the Privacy Policy of the Zavod Big.