BIG SEE PRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS recognise and expose excellence in product design from Southeast Europe: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, The Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey.

Registration deadline with early bird fee until May 20, 2020
Registration deadline with regular registration fee until June 20, 2020

– Products can be entered by companies (producers) and designers from anywhere in the world as long as the production is based in the region Southeast Europe.
– Entrants are allowed to submit multiple products, but shall submit a separate entry form for each one, and pay a separate entry fee for each product.
– Only on time submitted products with specified text description and images will be admitted to competition. Entries will not be accepted or judged without payment of the entry fee.
– Submitted product must have been completed and in production within the last two years the following categories:

1. Home (furniture, lighting and lamps, household appliances and accessories, tableware, soft furnishings, sanitary furniture, food packaging etc.)
2. Personal (jewellery, wearable tech, mobile phones, watches, shoes, eyewear)
3. Leisure (sports equipment, bar and restaurant products, luxury goods, toys, personal care, wellness and beauty)
4. Work (working machinery, tools and equipment, office stationery, furniture and lights for work)
5. Mobility (all means of personal or public transport – bicycles, cars, ships, trains, planes, transport related accessories)
6. Urban (urban equipment and public lighting)

Entry requirements
– completion of online entry form with data and description of the product (500-1000 characters – not words)
– 6 photographs in high resolution with name of photographer
– a portrait photo of the author with name of photographer (optional)

Projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
– ergonomy
– aesthetics
– ethics & ecology
– emotion
– creative strength, passion and business excellence of Southeast Europe

Among winners of the Big SEE Product Design Award, Grand Prix winner in each category will be selected. The jury reserves the right to recategorise any entry to another category. The decision of the jury is final. The jury is not obliged to explain its decision.

– Big SEE Product Design Award winners will be announced on Design Expo Festival as a part of Month of Design on October 13, 2020 in City of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
– Big SEE Product Design Award Grand Prix winners of the six categories will be announced on the Gala evening event on October 13, 2020 in City of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

– All awarded projects will be exhibited on posters in City of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
– The award winners may start communicating the award after June 20, 2020.

The registration fee covers the cost of competition and judging process. If the submitted project wins an award, the entrant is obligated to choose Promotional package for winners. Additional exposure is optional.

Registration deadline with early bird fee until May 20, 2020: 50 eur
Registration deadline with regular registration fee until June 20, 2020: 100 eur
Obligatory Promotional package: 250 eur

(Cost of obligatory promotion package has to be paid only if the project wins an award)

PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE for winners include:
1. Use of Big SEE Product Design Award logo for award-winning project
2. Invitation and free entrance to Design Expo Festival 2020 and on gala award giving ceremony (October 13, 2020)
3. Presentation & Promotion on Design Expo Festival 2020:

– Presentation of the award-winning project on Big SEE Product Design Exhibition with poster (poster production included)
– Lectures Design 180° – Winners stage 180°
– Info point (cardboard table 50×50 cm, board with exhibitors name)
4. Presentation & Promotion in printed media:
– Publication of the project in prestigious printed catalogue BigSEE Report
5. Presentation & Promotion in digital media:
– Presentation of the project with images and text in the online exhibition on
– Publication of the project on social media (Facebook, Instagram)
6. PR support

BigSEE Talks is a short video interview
with architects / designers & brands from SEE region for online promotion, where you are asked to answer on 3 questions:
What are the challenges and opportunities in Southeast Europe?
What is your driving force?
What is the role of Southeast Europe in globalised world?
Price: 100 eur

Awarded product exposure on Design Expo, award ceremony and ArtPart  with exhibitor’s name as follows:

Small exhibition unit  (3 m² Expo object 1/2; 4 walls, exhibitor’s mark, desk, bench) 
Price: 150 eur
Large exhibition unit (6 m2 Expo object; 8 walls, exhibitor’s mark, desk, bench) 
Price: 250 eur

To enter the award competition, please fill in the data bellow:




*All the texts shall be proofread prior to sending. In case you do not have your own proofreader, we suggest you contact us ( for further assistance. The proofreading costs are to be covered at your own expense. 

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