October 6


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Conference offers a place for interdisciplinary dialogue on the role of design in developing competitive and successful brands strategies, concepts and business models.
Managers, designers and strategists will present how they build their competitive advantages in the international markets, how they integrate design in development of new products, how they build a memorable brand that demonstrates unique values and what are their visions that drives them. Conference will also be the right place for networking between managers and designers.

The focus will be on progress powered by design and on potentials of wood in design and architecture for innovative and sustainable development and tourism design.

Progress powered by Design

October 6

Internationally recognised managers, strategists and designers, working for the companies with design-aware culture, are to explore the strategies and concepts of brand development driven by design.
They are also supposed to answer various questions such as: »How to combine design and development of new products; How to develop a brand that is different and generates products with high added value; How to create a brand that increases recognisability, demonstrates unique values and wins a client’s trust; How to interact with consumers, and How to sell well-designed products in these times?«

Winning projects presentations: Product and Fashion Design
A series of short lectures by awarded designers and brands presenting their winning projects aimed at confronting critical thinking about quality design, and establishing better quality communication within the profession and in relation to the lay public.

Round Table: Design Policies
Strategic importance of design for national economic competitiveness is universally recognised. At the round table Design policies, representatives of various design institutions and representatives of the government will discuss  the contribution of design in national economic & business performance in the region.  What kind of policies do we have, which strategies to use, how to measure their effects, what are examples of good practice, what are your recommendations for creating a successful design policy?

Woodworking powered by Design

October 6

The conference aims to encourage the innovative practices in woodworking industry. Various woodworking professionals will be discussing different topical issues addressing the development of innovative woodworking in the region.  Conference will explore the potentials of timber in architecture as a  tool for innovative and sustainable development. Internationally recognised architects will present innovative examples of use of timber in designing modern buildings.
In a competitive tight market, the differentiation strategy for specific niche markets in the development of innovative, well-crafted products with superior quality detailing, says that a strategic opportunity for woodworkers who could try to achieve added value is to create an opportunity to enter or strengthen cooperation in demanding European markets in global markets, and maintain green jobs in rural areas. Therefore, since niche markets are smaller in policy than others, these products mean exclusivity, uniqueness, differentness and, as such, a higher added value.

Winning projects presentations: Wood Design
Winners about the awarded products and projects that were created on the account of their own development strategies and visions.

Round Table: Wood Policies
At the Round table Wood policies, representatives of various woodworking niches and representatives of forestry institutions and government discuss the dilemmas of development of woodworking sector in the region. What kind of vision do we have, which strategies we use, how to measure their effects, what are examples of good practice, what are your recommendations for creating a successful wood policy?

Tourism powered by Design

October 6

The development of high value-added tourism products, supported by the involvement of creative industries, can represent an answer to the question: How to contribute to the development of the South-Eastern European region in such a way that it becomes a creative, sustainable tourist destination, and how to avoid the traps of the mass, low-budget tourism.
Investors in tourism, architects, designers and other experts will discuss on  the role and importance of integrating creative industries into the development of commercially successful tourist stories.
Through their own good practices they will present how to make a successful tourism stories, the challenges they faced in developing a genuine tourism stories with high value added as a cornerstone of tourist offerings both  in rural communities and cities.

Winning projects presentations: Tourism Design
A series of short presentations of award-winning projects BigSEE  intended to exchange information, opinions and reflections on the successful creative tourism projects in the region.

Round Table: Tourism Policies
Due to the significant potential of the tourism as one of the leading economic branches in the region the round table will be focused on the opportunities provided by the involvement of creative industries in the development of sustainable tourism with high value added. Representatives of the tourism sector and other experts will address the major and multi-faceted challenges faced by the tourism industry demands an integrated approach to policy development across SEE countries.
The development of a tourism strategy can play a key role in engaging government, industry, destination communities and other stakeholders to identify a vision and direction for tourism development and in setting priorities for implementing a long-term and sustainable vision for the tourism sector.