May 22, 2020
City of Design Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 123, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Big architecture is a leading business and educational event related to advanced architecture. It is intended to strengthen business success and attractiveness of South-Eastern Europe by researching, evaluating, and promoting architectural excellence. It serves as a catalyst of reflections about the crucial importance of architecture in the environment that takes into account and responds to the contemporary social challenges which are important for our existence, economy, and future.
The purpose of the festival is to familiarise architects and professional decision-makers with the new concepts of living, innovative technologies, building systems, services, and advanced solutions in forming and implementing a high-quality architectural envelope and interior. It is also an opportunity for the architects to present their work.

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Globalisation crisis and critical regionalism
The conference is intended to discuss the concept of critical regionalism (Kenneth Frampton) in the third millennium and examine how shall that concept, which does not only represent a certain architectural theory, but also spatial practice, help us resolve crises which are becoming, at least in terms of space, increasingly global, be it urban, ecological, financial or health crises. By means of the phenomenology of senses (Juhani Pallasmaa) and by utilising spatial principles, it may be possible to steer architectural and urban development by joining the modern and the traditional, the scientific and the artistic, the technological and the natural. Such urban development shall no longer be only sustainable, but also a sustain for the future.
In a world where technology seems to be the driving force in our everyday living and working, maintaining the human touch and togetherness has never been more important. Working and creating together can benefits not just the design process and the work of the studio, but the growth of our own being as well.
Instead of different postmodern „virtual reality“ and even „reality shows“, where people are loosing themselves alike in ancients labyrinths; everyone need simply to reveal the real. We don’t need „overview“ only between objective and subjective, technical and human, outside and inside – we need The Insight in site, here and now!
Curators: Janko Rožič (Odprti krog) & Erik Jurišević, Mirjana Lozanovska, Silvija Shaleva (KONNTRA)

Interlacing of demands and human-centered design
Intelligent façades no longer represent an added value, but an inevitable necessity, so that a building can function properly. Advances in building technology, tightened requirements of the legislative bodies resulting from environmental causes, and higher expectations of various building users, push the development of an outer building skin even further. Façades are becoming adaptive, interactive and intelligent in order to meet the demands of time. Its design shall determine the benefits a facade can have on its occupants, its impact on the surrounding environment or its effect on building energy efficiency. It can, among other things, improve the natural lighting conditions of the interior space, contribute to unisturbed views to the outside, enable fresh flow of air, and harvest water or energy from the sun, among other aspects. And yet, a façade is still the face of a building which is shown to the outside world. It represents an exterior of a building which can now, with the evolvement of a building skin, be freer in expression and can be more communicative with the outside world.
Curator: dr. Jernej Markelj

Architecture 180˚

Experts Stage: Construction experts and architects on new materials and technical solutions through advanced architectural examples: wooden construction, doors & windows, facades, roofs, insulation, light, ceramics, floor and parquet, water, sanitary equipment, heating and air-conditioning technology, photovoltaics, garden and surroundings, technical security, fireproof materials, stone, light, glass, furniture.
Winners Stage: A series of short, concise presentations of the awarded BigSEE projects which aim to confront critical thinking about the quality in architecture and establish quality communication within the profession and beyond.

Trade show

The Big Architecture Trade Show is the first and the leading Trade Show for advanced architecture and profes- sional civil engineering in the region that aims to familiarize architects and other expert decision-makers with new materials, innovative technologies and advanced solutions related to planning and implementation of high-quality architecture and interior design.

Architect Match

Individual talks and networking between architects, suppliers and other experts. Their aim is to strengthen an in-depth exchange of expert opinions and information – a unique opportunity for architects to become familiar with various innovations, novelties and solutions and to establish new business relations and opportunities.

Big SEE Awards

As a part of Big Architecture festival awards, awards for excellence in architecture – BigSEE Awards – and visionaries will be given.
– BIG SEE ARCHITECTURE AWARDS recognise and expose excellence in architecture from Southeast Europe in categories:
Residential architecture
Public and commercial architecture
Landscape and urban space
– BIG SEE VISIONARIES AWARDS  are granted by Zavod Big to those individuals who enrich and inspire the world of creativity, tend to move forward by pushing the boundaries in architecture and design, and help to encourage the creative environment in Southeast Europe. Their activities represent a significant contribution to the role of architecture and design in the region, and their efforts have put the Southeast European architecture and design on the map of the greatest architecture and design achievements. We are all emotionally overwhelmed and deeply touched by these visionary leaders’ creative work which ignites our passions and steers us in the right direction to bring out the best in us.


The exhibition in the national pavilions presents award-winning projects in the category of architecture from South-East Europe.
- Residential architecture
- Public and commercial architecture
- Landscape and urban space

Big SEE Talks

Watch and listen interviews with Big SEE awarded architects about their driving force and visions HERE →


Photos: Miloš Horvat & Zavod Big

Past speakers

Tobias Nolte; Certain Measures

Ren Yee; UNStudio

Michael Obrist; feld72

Silja Tillner; Tillner & Willinger

Maria Claudia Clemente; LABICS

Tom Frantzen; FRANTZEN et al architecten

Martin Josst; Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Bas ten Brinke; 70F architecture

Marin Mikelić; MVA (Mikelić Vreš arhitekti)

Katjuša Kranjc in Rok Kuhar; Raketa

Einar Jarmund; JVA – Jarmund/Vigsnaes AS Arkitekter

Umberto Napolitano, Maxime Enrico; LAN

Jürgen Mayer; J.MAYER.H und Partner

Tony Fretton; Tony Fretton Architects

Enrique Sobejano & Fuensanta Nieto; Nieto Sobejano

Antón García-Abril; Ensamble Studio

Jan Schellhoff; UNstudio

Julian Weyer; C. F. Møller

Francisco Mangado

Paul Robbrecht & Hilde Daem; Robbrecht en Daem Architecten

Kamiel Klaasse; NL Architects

Zvi Hecker; Zvi Hecker | architect

Carme Pinós; Estudio Carme Pinós

Nuno Mateus, ARX Portugal Arquitectos

Bjarne Mastenbroek; SeARCH Architects

Simon Ewings; Snøhetta AS

Andrew Griffin; JDS


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