Tourism 180˚

October 19, 2017
City of Design Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tourism 180˚ is a series of challenging short presentations (180 seconds each) by visionars in tourism about sucsessful, creative concepts that answers the question How to succeed?
They will present their own innovative and development experience, their competitive advantage on the market, such as: how they managed to create innovatie turist product, how they positioned on the market,  what stands behind their success  etc.

10.00-15.00: Tourism 180 ̊ – How to succeed?; Presentations of successful stories
15.00-16.00: Tourism 180 ̊ – Presentations of the innovations of the equipment, products and services for tourism.

Visiting Trade show Tourism² and presentations Tourism 180˚ is free, registration is required.

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Attending Forum and Round table is free, registration is required.

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