The boot maker for his own has old shoes,” this is an old phrase we have challenged and we tried to show the opposite.

Architecture Studio designed by ourselves!

It has not been easy to think for ourselves and at the same time satisfy the desire to show the best we can do, as well as managing our own budget … quite complicated! The very compact space for a team of 13 people – the determining factor for treating space with care and efficiency.

Our desire to express positive energy in this studio, as well as the concept we follow in each project – to add value to less valuable things, results in a multicolored environment with lightly shaded nuances and composed contrasts. In appreciating and respecting the rough construction materials (concrete, clay blocks) we try to show that each stage of construction has its own importance and at the same time we show that the rough in combination with art may seem soft and lovely. Art connects every material, light or strong, soft or rough, into an orchestra, making them joyful together.




Graffiti dancing in the office starts from the white epoxy floor towards concrete walls, clay block walls, wooden cabinets and across the all doors. Dominates the office as a selfish work, which does not consider anything that goes in front of it. It dominates everything! This work, created by Mimoza Rraci and designed by the architects, shows the most valuable thing we have – our projects, those that make us to be distinguished, those for us are everything.

This signifies the traces of our offices, which the architect and architecture layers by time; this makes us feel responsible for everything we do and at the same time important to our power.

Organizing spaces as much separated as common, shows the greatest value we have – \’\’ Team \’\’, where each one of us is more valuable.

The position on the 14th floor, the highest floor of the Kulla Muhaxhereve, is an added value which overlooks the city of Pristina and far away, inspires us all the time and especially in the sunset afternoon over the hills.









About the authors


For the purpose of architecture in Kosovo, a unique office that gives comfort, embraces society and works creatively, we decided in 2009 to open Maden Group.

In our projects we always strive to integrate new elements, in step with the achievements of today’s technology and materials, always giving them different dimensions and colors to our jobs but without losing their identity.

In order to give me another job to do, occasionally trying to avoid monotony and create a creative environment, and move the office to different environments.

For us, a good and social environment always results in successful work.


Author: Ideal Vejsa; Maden Group
Client: Maden Group
Photos: Atdhe Mulla

Location: Prishtina, Kosovo
Year: 2018
Area: 95 m2

Text provided by the authors of the project.