Wood icon 2017

October 18, 2017
City of Design Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Wooden icon is a festival within the Month of Design intended for the promotion of use of wood, knowledge exchange within woodworking sector and proactive integration and connection of stakeholders within the wood chain.

October 18
10.00–22.00: Trade show Wood²
10.00–16.00: Contact tables for suppliers in woodworking sector
10.00-15.00: Wood 180 ̊ – How to succeed; Presentations of successful woodworking companies
12.00-13.00: Snack
13.00-15.00: Wood cocktails – Presentations of exhibitors
15.00-16.00: Lunch & Presentations of the innovations of wood-processing technologies and materials
16.00-17.00: Round table: Leading or following?
17.00-18.00: Round table Wood policies 2.0
18.00–20.00: Conference/Forum Advanced in Woodworking
20.30–21.00: Award ceremony and Wood icon exhibiton opening
21.00–22.00: Networking

October 18-November 17
Exhibition Wood icon


Trade show Wood²
Trade show for technology, equipment and materials for the woodworking industry.
Latest trends and innovations for the woodworking industry. …more

Forum: advanced woodworking
Internationally recognised experts from various fields of woodworking, as well as representatives of fast growing, development-oriented brands will explore issues of current trends in woodworking such as wooden multi-storey construction, trends in the design of furniture and wooden products, brand positioning, etc. …more

Round table: wood policies 2.0: following or leading?
At the Round table Wood policies 2.0: , representatives of various woodworking niches and representatives of forestry institutions and government will discuss the dilemmas of development of Slovenian woodworking sector. What kind of vision do we have, which strategies we use, how to measure their effects, what are examples of good practice, what are your recommendations for creating a successful wood policy? …more

Wood 180˚
A series of highly energised presentations (180 seconds each) by sucessfull Slovenian woodworking companies and innovative suppliers to wood industry, addressing the basic question – How to succeed?
They will present their own innovative and development experience, their competitive advantage on the market, such as: development of new products / services, new technological processes, innovative ways of marketing approaches, new technologies etc. …more

Awards and Exhibition Wood icon 2017
Various ways of using wood will be displayed at the exhibition; from small products, to furniture, wooden houses and public commercial buildings.
The projects of Slovenian authors will be exhibited, which, in addition to the use of wood, take into account sustainable development and represent top design and architectural solutions. The purpose of the exhibition is to show the various possibilities of using wood in a living environment and how it affects the quality of life. …more

Ticket includes: visiting Trade show Wood², presentations Wood 180˚, Lunch, Magazine Lesarski utrip

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Attending Forum and Round table is free, registration is required.

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