Festival Big architecture 2017

April 20, 2017
City of Design Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Each spring Zavod Big hosts an ambitious architecture event that aims to bring together exceptional architectural practitioners and thinkers to present their work, views and vision around a timely theme of particular relevance and import.

Big Architecture Festival is dedicated to promoting high quality architecture as well as educating and informing the professional and wider laic public about the excellence in architecture. The Festival thematically reveals the extraordinary projects of some Slovenian and world-famous architects. It is the catalyst of reflections about the  importance of architecture in an environment that takes into account modern social challenges  for our culture and our future. The theme of this year’s festival is  progress. The Festival will combine the future of architectural creations  with the challenges dictated by the contemporary social and economic shifts.

The tenth Big Architecture Festival will be marked by theme PROGRESS.
Progress is not a change, the change is, namely, automatic, whereas the progress isn’t . The progress requires an excitement, vision, and strength to uplift and to last afterwards.


Spring 2017 sees Zavod Big hosts BIG ARCHITECTURE 2017, which sets out to explore the subject-theme of “Progress” in its many compelling forms and facets. A selection of internationally-engaged architects addresses these issues through their exceptional work and through a dynamic dialogue-process within the framework of “Progress”.
The conference explores the relationship between quality design, innovation, response and change. How does architecture transform our environments, together with the very programs of these environments? How can innovative and inspiring design transform the way architecture does this; and shape the architectures and approaches practiced today and in the future?

FRANTZEN et al architecten; Tom Frantzen, The Netherlands, www.frantzen.nl
MDH Arkitekter; Dagfinn Sagen, Helge Lunder, Norway, https://mdh.no/
Guinée*Potin Architectes; Hervé Potin, France, www.guineepotin.fr
Labics; Maria Claudia Clemente, Italy, www.labics.it
DeZwarteHond; Henk Stadens, The Netherlands, www.dezwartehond.nl
Delugan Meissl Associated Architects; Martin Josst, Austria, www.dmaa.at
Curator: Eva Prelovšek Niemelä

Within the scope of the Big Architecture 2017 Festival there will be B2B Architecture² Expo on the theme of architectural envelope.
The purpose of the Expo is to familiarise architects and building professionals with the innovations, and to present the field of high quality architectural envelopes: facade systems, outdoor blinds, insulating materials, construction materials, paints and plasters, windows, doors roof sheets etc. … more

The exhibition will see projects that set new milestones in architectural creation on a global scale. More than 50 established architectural offices from around the world are involved in the selection.

Contact tables are individual business talks for networking professionals in architecture and in construction sector.


April 20:
10.00–22.00: Trade fair Architecture²
10.00–12.00: Contact tables A²
12.00–12.30: Lunch
12.30–14.00: Architecture coctails and presentations A²
13.30–14.45: Contact tables A²
14.00-14.50: Movie of architect Savin Sever
14:00–15.00: Conference registration
15.15-20.00: Conference lectures
20.00–22.00: Bread & Wine

April 20-September 15: Exhibition Progress in architecture today


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